After meeting Ferdie, a volunteer in Mindoro, Philippines, I started thinking about wanting to help him clone himself.  Deployments need local technical expertise, and many of the skills required by an OLPC deployment may not be included in a typical IT curriculum. Here in the Philippines, there seems to be a Microsoft bias, compared for example with the nationwide commitment to Linux in South Africa.

Whatever training materials I develop may have limited application, because much of the world does not speak english.  But I can make a start, and provide a model for other language speakers.

So my current idea is to develop a family of online quizzes, with immediate feedback and explanation when the student gives a wrong answer.  Behind each of the quizzes, there should be a tutorial which explains in depth the basic concepts that the quiz evaluates.

My job, then, is to develop a list of the basic skills and understandings which will permit a technician to become productive in supporting OLPC deployments.

Here goes…

  • Basic Electricity — Ohms law, concepts of Power, AC and DC circuits. For this I like
  • Batteries, solar panels, UPS, power for the brownout prone developing country
  • Hardware skills
  • Computers
  • Linux — basic file system layout,  status queries, 20 commands, man pages
  • Start up process in linux
  • Basic concepts in networking

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