Charging XOs

There are many alternatives for charging XOs. In the Philippines, Mindoro has decided not to distribute XOs to students to take home, so the school must provide charging capability (see right).

Here in the Philippines, most students have power at home, and if they were allowed to take them home, and left plugged in, there would probably be enough power during a 24 hour period to used them in school (the longer battery life on the 1.75 will help out  a lot here).

Another option which the eKindling depoyment is exploring is a battery array, and battery charger system.  This will permit the XO’s to be charged during the school day even when  the power is off.  However, if one does the math, and calculates the number of batteries required to charge the array of XOs  in the first picture above, it represents a large investment in money and classroom space.

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