Early testing Results for XS-ARM

Jerry Vonau, and I, worked on the new School Server software pretty steadily for a week. We ate and drank too much, got too little exercise, but had a fun week with Adam Holt, at his parents’ house, a few miles northwest of Toronto.

Anna Schoolfield, agreed to be our tester. Towards the middle of the week, we shipped off the first edition of our efforts.  It wasn’t a resounding success.  She had to deal with typos, and network configuration problems, and lots of things didn’t work.

Over the second weekend, we revised our strategy.  We both had places on the internet, where we had been sticking the software we developed. Both of these repositories were changing pretty rapidly, and depending on the moment, contained stuff that just didn’t work.  We decided to let Jerry’s repo be the “stable” repository, and mine, the one we called “testing”.  We’ll copy from mine to his once a week, after we’ve done a little testing ourselves.  The stable branch is at http://build.laptop.org.au/xs/XS-0.7+/repos/XS-F17ARM/SRPMS/.

Anna had better luck with our first release of the “stable” branch which occurred Sept 24 or so.  Her email had some great news:

Great progress!  My USB ethernet dongle “just works,” even when I boot up with it plugged in.  Registering an XO-1 “just works” and it puts schoolserver.local into the collaboration server field.

So I put up the instructions for loading XS-CE software on a XO-1.75 at https://schoolserver.wordpress.com/xs-installation/community-edition-xs-on-xo-1-75/.

Ejabberd still has problems starting because it’s trying to create a lock on a temporary file system directory which hasn’t been created yet.

Our thorniest problem right now seems to be moodle. We may be haveing a mismatch between postgresql version 8.4 (used in XS-0.7) and the Fecora 17 included postgresql 9.1. I am choosing to spend my time fixing up and enlarging the http GUI  rather than to dive into the moodle issue.


About George Hunt

Retired electrical engineer and programmer, enthusiastic to see if technology can help education in developing countries.
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1 Response to Early testing Results for XS-ARM

  1. Tim Moody says:

    http://yum.postgresql.org/ claims to have PostgreSQL 8.4 rpm for FC 17. http://download.moodle.org/ says Moodle uses 8.3

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