Occidental Mindoro retrospective — and a plan/hope for the future

Ferdie and Christian installing XS-0.7

What sticks in my mind most from the 5 days in Mindoro is Ferdie’s email reporting his SUCCESS  in replicating the XS install we had done just the day before, all by himself on his home machine.  Not only is it a personal success for Ferdie, but also for Danial Drake who put together the new release, and  Martin Langhoff, and all the others who contributed to the new XS-0.7.

On the XO repair front, I demonstrated to Christian the use of a serial cable, for exercising a mother board even when the monitor and/or keyboard are not functioning. I left him the serial cable, and instructions to pass the cable, and the demonstration on to Ferdie.

Since the power situation is pretty problematic in OM, I hope to work with Ferdie on a number of projects:

  • He already has the 30 watt MSI school server with XS-0.7 which I left with Christian. He will receive from Tessa, via Jam’s car trip to Manila, a 10 watt fitpc school server (XS-0.7). I’m hoping that these two lower power school servers can be placed in appropriate schools to test out whether low power can fulfill the school server hardware needs.
  • Fedie will also be receiving a deep cycle 100AHr battery, a watt meter,  a intelligent UPS, and a UPS communication cable.
  • I’m hoping to work with Ferdie, via email, and perhaps VPN, to set up automatic start up and shut down of the school server, at the start and end of the school day, and auto shut-down when the storage battery becomes depleted.

Our hang out . . . Rough life!

It’s hard not to make a comment about the memorable surroundings at the place where I stayed in San Jose Mindoro. It was outside, with a view of the ocean.


About George Hunt

Retired electrical engineer and programmer, enthusiastic about OLPC as a vehicle for gathering together volunteerism, mine and so many others', for helping education in developing countries.
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3 Responses to Occidental Mindoro retrospective — and a plan/hope for the future

  1. Ferdinand Mercene says:

    Yes indeed, George left me an MSI server powered by 30watts DC. Installed in it is XS-Boston version 0,7 release. Turning it on for the first time presented me with a number of work to do. “ifconfig -a” showed eth1, eth4 and lo, no eth0. This is due to the fact that the server has only one (1) ethernet port (eth1), and eth4 I recalled is by reason of the plugable ethernet adapter that George left with me which I had the chance to learn how to use when we were in Calintaan. It was a good thing that somehow one (1) of the ethernet ports in Calintaan’s school server got busted, not the built-in one. George took out this plugable ethernet adapter out of his bag and plugged it into one of the USB ports. He showed me how to configure the dev-rules to change ethx to eth0 by modifying one of the entries in one of the scripts. Issuing the “ifconfig -a” command showed eth1, eth0 and lo. Am grateful to George for leaving this plugable ethernet adapter gratis for use by Calintaan, the 2nd adapter he also left with me for use by the MSI server, also for free, how generous indeed. What we did in Calintaan, I was able to replicate to make the MSI server work. And now I have an MSI server working within the comforts of my room. With this server, I tried to register xo laptops, and registration was successful. Moodle is working and backup of journals seems to work just fine. I am using this MSI server now to post this message, that means, internet is working…

    I am just waiting for the batteries and other gadgets mentioned by George to arrive so we can commence configuring how the server can be programmed to wake up and sleep at determinate time during the day. In fact, it excites my imagination to think that all these activities George and I will be doing will be done thru email and/or openvpn, i.e., remotely.

  2. Ferdinand Mercene says:

    For documentation purposes, the school servers in San Jose, Rizal and Calintaan are all running using XS-Boston Version 0.7 brought by George. The School server in San Jose is capable of internet access, those in Rizal and Calintaan are not, for lack of internet connection, but the LAN is working and XO laptops can enjoy the benefits of the school server for journal backups and moodle. The school server in Magsaysay is the only school server running on XS-Au version 0.7 brought earlier by Mitch. Magsaysay has internet connection, moodle and journal backups also working.

    The reasons why we decided to install the Boston version in San Jose, Rizal and Calintaan were already mentioned by George above. “Registration Failed” message is what we get by registering XO laptops, but list-registration shows the XOs user id and serial number in the XS and this has been explained by George likewise. Actually, Christian and I were able to make San Jose school server work, both LAN and WAN, however, when we visited the site with George and re-test the server, it fails to work as expected and reviewing the named-xs scripts revealed some texts modified, the reason for this I can not explain. So the shift to XS-Boston was made.

    I will leave Magsaysay school server running on XS-Au version for as long as it works. Though it seems harder to install and configure compared with the XS Boston version, I have already invested a great deal of time and researches just to make it work, not to mention the priceless effort and time that George, Jerry, Mitch and others have contributed just to bring it on the operational level.

    Aside from the MSI server, which came from Geroge, that I have now successfully configured, I have another home computer which I successfully configured previously to run the XS-Boston version, i.e., apart from the 3 school servers in San Jose, Rizal and Calintaan. These two (2) school servers are both capable of remote access using openvpn, George, was actually able to access my home computer running the XS Boston version thru openvpn while he was in Mamburao, I, in San Jose. I guess, George won’t be having a hard time accessing the MSI server remotely, i.e., if electric power in my place will so allow.


  3. Maria Lourdes Estrada-Ebben says:


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