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Strange power problems with the Fit PC 2

First, I’d like to thank George Hunt for setting up this blog, and letting me post OLPC XS School Server issues here. Thank you. I have a Fit PC 2 that I’ve used for testing XS 0.6 and XS 0.7 … Continue reading

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First Learnings about ARM

Sources on the web don’t seem to start at a low enough level, for me.  I’ve learned a lot today, but it’s been by bumping my nose a lot. The Dreamplug, by Compulabs, uses uboot loader. Uboot can only read … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Low Power School Server Hardware

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the OLPC server mailing list for suggestions about what low power server hardware I might start playing with.  Here are some of the responses: Sameer has been using a fanless system from Solid … Continue reading

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Occidental Mindoro retrospective — and a plan/hope for the future

What sticks in my mind most from the 5 days in Mindoro is Ferdie’s email reporting his SUCCESS  in replicating the XS install we had done just the day before, all by himself on his home machine.  Not only is … Continue reading

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