Ejabberd runninng but not working

The diagnostic suggestions for troubleshooting ejabberd have been exhausted, but still no joy.  The symptom is that running olpc-netstatus shows that the XO is doing presence via salut.  The strange thing is that ejabberd appears to have seen users, that cannot then connect. Following the instructions at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Techniques_and_Configuration#Troubleshooting:

# List who is registered with ejabberd
# (this happens on the first reboot after the user has used the 'register' option)
ejabberdctl registered-users `hostname -f` 

The identities of the XO’s that cannot then use ejabberd.


About George Hunt

Retired electrical engineer and programmer, enthusiastic about OLPC as a vehicle for gathering together volunteerism, mine and so many others', for helping education in developing countries.
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