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the laptop at LIS should have a new battery, or run without an internal battery because after a certain degree of degradation it becomes a load on the power supply and prevents proper function.

Teachers need a gui interface. I’ve explored writing server side code in python.  It would mean learning another templating system (probably zope because Jerry Vonau chose it).  I’d rather stick with php, because I already know it, and I don’t know html well enough to make presentation work without Dreamweaver helping me.

is php configured in xs-0.7? yes

is python configured within apache? I saw in the logs that httpd is complaining about the wrong version of python.  So maybe not.

Present teachers with a html page that points to a dav protected window into the folder containing student journal backups. Found that there is an interface class written in python to get at the metadata about registered users.  But the data is stored in an sqlite db, and it might be a lot simpler to go directly to that data via php.

What is a trouble free way to identify the XO that should receive the journal restore operation (what to do with any current journal entries)? If the teachers used firefox, then I could just let the teachers do a regular browser based download to their own machine.  I’m assuming that they could nominate a usb stick as the destination for the download. Would it then be possible to browse the journal on the usb stick with the regular journal activity?

There is apparently a journal bundle format which is a zipped tree which includes a metadata subdirectory in python readable format, a file with the  journal stored data blob, and a preview.

I should download, and play with the Backup.activity at sugarlabs.  Does it have a restore capability also?

Cherry’s desire to browse journal contents might require a switch for the different versions of sugar, because the datastore format has changed over time.  Implies that when a new format comes out, the upgrade will break whatever function I can provide.

There is apparently a html page at http://schoolserver/ds-restore which allows user to get at the backups without any security. Check to see .if it is still in the XS-0.7


About George Hunt

Retired electrical engineer and programmer, enthusiastic about OLPC as a vehicle for gathering together volunteerism, mine and so many others', for helping education in developing countries.
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